Listening to posidonia seagrasses

By studying variations in oxygen production within posidonia seagrasses it is possible to assess how healthy they are. This is extremely important research because these ecosystems along the Mediterranean coast contain a large biodiversity, play [...]

4 May 2016|

The Mediterranean is suffering

2015: exceptional biological observations and singular meteorological events were recorded at STARESO (Underwater and Oceanographic Research Station). The year 2015 was a particular year in more ways than one in Calvi Bay in Corsica: there [...]

4 May 2016|

Microplastics in fish stomachs

This research conducted by France Collard, a doctoral student in the Functional and Evolutionary Morphology Laboratory of the University of Liege studies the presence of microplastics in the digestive system of three commercialized species of [...]

4 December 2015|

The Mediterranean: toxic for whales

The Mediterranean Sea, a crossroads of civilisations and a privileged holiday destination, is unfortunately also a gigantic dumping ground where marine life is affected by a wide range of pollutants. A very comprehensive study conducted [...]

27 November 2015|

The dance of the invading jelly-fish

Almost everywhere on Earth, entire sections of coastlines are occasionally invaded by jelly-fish. While the periodicity of such phenomena has been relatively well-known (sometimes several centuries!), the mechanisms involved are relatively unknown. It is to [...]

17 November 2014|